The Team

Rick                                                 Our long distance expert usually to be found driving to Heathrow or some other exotic place

Joanne                                           Our Birmingham expert likes nothing better than sitting on the M42

Charlie                                           The youngster in our group may be the youngest female cabbie in Rushcliffe but we wouldn't tell

Paul                                               Our Monday to Friday specialist seems to have torn his hair out at some stage

Glen                                               Our newest recruit Working Friday & Saturday Evening

Molly                                            Head of Security is our Moll shes a gorgeous Springer Spaniel who loves Tennis Balls & Food

All our staff are local living in Radcliffe, Newton, Cotgrave, Burton Joyce

At some stage or other you may speak to any one of us on the phone we always try to be helpful but if its a quote you need we may have to ring you back as we are not always in front of a computer screen.

We may be walking Molly we may be driving and sometimes we may even be sleeping